If you’d like to share some kind words and smiles, please ask our front desk staff for a comment card at your next appointment. We’d love to hear about your experience!

“Everyone in the office is very friendly, professional, and caring.”

“Dr. Scott McClure and his professionalism — I feel that he has my child's best interest at heart.”

“Dr. McClure and all his staff members are very professional, friendly, helpful, and understanding.”

“I would like to recognize Dana and Vicki for keeping good conversation and doing a really great job. I also would like to recognize Jamie for having a great attitude and being patient with me thus far. I look forward to my next visit.”

“Dana and Wendy are great, warm, friendly, and very compassionate. They are wonderful! They both ask how Matthew is doing and are very interested in both Sarah and Matthew.”

“Vicky is always so friendly and upbeat! Everyone is nice and always smiling. Great atmosphere!!”

“Dana and all the staff are always courteous, friendly, and professional.”

“Vicky, Dana and Dr. Scott are always awesome!!! Thanks so much!”

“Great service, convenient location, quality work, friendly staff, and Dr. McClure was recommended by both my dentist and a family friend...what more reason would I need to choose McClure Orthodontics for my new smile!”

“Once I broke a wire on my permanent retainer during the weekend, and I called his emergency number. He offered to stop in the middle of grocery shopping, while it was snowing, to meet me at his office and clip the wire for me. Just the thought of knowing that he would have dropped everything if I really needed him to was very assuring. He was not the initial orthodontist who put my braces on when I had them in the past, but I chose to go to him to fix my retainer, and the staff was very friendly as well! I'd recommend this office to anyone!!”

“Dr. McClure always takes the time to speak with me at every appointment about my child's treatment and how it's going. My other children have gone to other offices for their braces where I only spoke to the staff and hardly ever to the orthodontist. I only wish I had found Dr. McClure sooner!”